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Michelle Currier

Web Designer & Frontend Developer for hire

Technical Skills

Languages & Software
Expert Intermediate Beginner
HTML, CSS ~ (LESS, SASS, SCSS, transitions, animations), Frameworks ~ (Material Design Components, Kendo UI, Skeleton, Bootstrap, Foundation), Wordpress CMS, terminal, Github, Responsive things ~ (icon fonts, sprites, images), Graphics Software ~ (Sketch, Invision, Adobe Fireworks, Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Audition), Audio dj and editing software Docker, Gulp, NPM & Node JS, Frontend Jquery & Javascript, .net, mvvm, php React, Angular, Webpack, MySQL database, Backend JS
Work Experience
Multiple projects ranging from working with new and old code to bring in new integrations, redesigns, functionality, and procedures. Building on over 10 years experience in the web design industry to inhance and provide insights for redesigns while staying relevant in a ever changing space. IBM
Senior UX/UI Designer/Developer
Baton Rouge (Remote)
2020 to current
Building large and small scale apps for mobile and desktop use. Frontend design for the app layouts and frameworks. Update, Refactoring, and Redesigning older apps. Radolo
New Orleans
2017 to 2018
Layout software interfaces for Hitpath and other apps. White label affiliate reporting interfaces for hundreds of clients. Create and maintain websites for our brands. Graphics for marketing and promotional needs ~ printed stickers, mugs, conference displays, event banners, and social media imagery. Webapps LLC
UX Designer
New Orleans
2013 to 2017
Apps and SaaS
Consulting Academy - My current project is the Consulting Academy redesign. I created a template and framework with documentation for other UI's to pull down and start creating over 100 modules with. I worked closely with the web component creator to open styles and refine the components. Pushed for us to use GitHub and have proper version control. Also setup protocols for QA on the modules. IBM internal use I am not able to share end product
IBM Way Game - Refactored an app with a docker file and a pipeline that redeploys from a push to github. IBM internal use I am not able to share end product
Kate Chatbot - Created a chatbot with Watson Assistant and integrated to the Consulting Academy. IBM internal use I am not able to share end product
UPS My Choice/Smartbasket - Jumped on to the Smartbasket angular migration from PrimeNG to Bootstrap. Learned the basics of running an angular app and converting to bootstrap and UPS css standards. UPS My Choice
Dockett - Refactored the css to less and and did a redesign in Sketch with Material Design Components inVision Project
Fortress - Wrote the less for this one from scratch and implemented Kendo UI. iTunes App
Google Play
App Website
Vivi - Wrote the less for this one from scratch and implemented Kendo UI. App Website
Align - Some css work and rebuilt their wordpress blog theme adding custom template pages. App Website
Better Book Club - Some css work. App Website
HitPath - Created designs for new functionality, white labeling of 100’s of sites for affiliate portal, all css, created sprites, Graphics for marketing and promotional needs, build and maintained multiple websites. App Website
University of Central Florida – BA in Digital Media, 2007

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